Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Home is a Minefield

Well folks, I was hoping to share a completely finished bathroom with you this week.  Not gonna happen.  The tiling got a bit behind schedule and since its been a super busy week we haven't gotten much of a chance to work on it.  Oh well.  It will wait for us!  In the mean time I thought I would share with you something I made little man for Christmas.  He LOVES Legos.  And when I say loves them, its a huge understatement.  He has quite a collection going now and I was a little tired of spending my days stepping on miniature Lego mines in my house.  Seriously, our house felt like a minefield.  I decided the only way to proceed was to come up with a way to corral the Legos and centralize little mans architectural genius.  The first step was to head to the thrift store.  I was lucky that the first time I went looking I hit the jackpot.

Solid wood with a drawer that functions well and $10.  Sold.  I made my purchase and headed home with my treasure.

Isn't she loverly?  In an elegant 70's sort of way?  So I went straight to work wiping it down, taking off the hardware and lightly sanding the gloss down a bit.

Look'n purdy.  I next applied my chalk paint.  The top is Behr Powdered Snow (with water and plaster added of course to get that wonderful texture it creates when dry) the rest I painted Behr Gray Morning (also with water and plaster added).  Are you guessing where I'm going with all of this yet?

Next I found the center of the table and marked it.  I didn't give a second coat of paint to the center of the table for reasons that will unfold here shortly.

Lego Table!  I ordered the Lego plates from Amazon, applied liquid nails to the back of them and centered them on the table.  Why are there Legos on there you ask?  To make sure that the plates lined up.  I feel a wee bit guilty about this next part, but, not really.

I added some girly looking acrylic knobs to it.  I couldn't help myself.  After all the table is out in the open so it might as well look nice right?

The little guy didn't seem to mind the knobs at all.  Didn't even look at 'em.  
Some of his Legos fit in the drawer and the rest are in a box that easily slides out from underneath the table.  I love it!  Instead of Legos all over our floor he builds on the table so for the most part that's where they stay.  More importantly he loves it!  My favorite part of this entire project was the cost.  
  • Table: $10
  • Lego plates: $20
  • Paint: I already had so Free 99 baby
That's only $30.  Have you seen how much Lego tables can cost?  Not cheap, so I was pretty happy about this little table.
We now live in a safe mine-free home, unless you count the other toys that get left on the floor.  


  1. That is so clever and I am sure your little guy loves playing and building things!!

  2. loving this...and your blogging life. Miss you girl.


    1. Thank you! We miss you guys too! I can't believe how grown up your children are!

  3. You are so talented! What an amazing transformation! Matthew and I were both very impressed with it - great job!